This course will function as a living snapshot of the field of media studies in the present, balancing an investigation of current debates with some attention to classical or canonical works that continue to inform scholarly inquiry. It will have two primary tracks: with the first, medium/mediation, we will follow a line from McLuhan to the so-termed post-digital, considering various aspects of the materiality of media along the way. With the second, what we might call engagement, we will adopt more of an anthropological approach and consider not only what we do with media technologies but also how we experience them.

–!> Course material will include theoretical reading along with descriptions of related art projects and practices. Seminar participants will be encouraged to find empirical examples that illustrate, complicate, or otherwise align with our discussion topics.

Professor Rita Raley
<raley at english dot ucsb dot edu>
South Hall 2703
Office hours: Tuesdays, 12:00-1:00 and by appt
Seminar: Thursdays, 3:00pm; SH 2617


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